Allergy & Nutritional Information:

IntoxiCakes contain Gluten and Dairy. Our premium vodka is wheat based, and all IntoxiCakes contain a dairy layer with the ‘doberge’ style. Gluten-free and dairy-free IntoxiCakes are available upon request at an incremental cost and with 2 weeks advance notice.

Personal Delivery:

We delivery you IntoxiCake direct to your door or event venue. Pricing listed includes delivery to the metro New Orleans area.

Additional delivery option to Baton Rouge and within SE Louisiana are available with at least 7 days advanced notice, and require confirmation prior to an order being placed. See our delivery map for delivery parameters. Unfortunately, Lindsay’s IntoxiCakes cannot be shipped. If you’re traveling with your IntoxiCake, please let us know during the order process. We can provide you with tips to ensure your IntoxiCake makes it to your destination safe and delicious.

LSU TAILGATING: LSU Tailgating IntoxiCakes are delivered direct to your tailgating site day-of or to a home location the day prior to the game.

MARDI GRAS: All Mardi Gras IntoxiCakes are delivered each morning, prior to parade launches. Orpheus Ball attendees can enjoy delivery direct to their table.

Handing Instructions:

Once delivered to your location, keeping your IntoxiCake in the refrigerator is ideal. While IntoxiCakes are created to hold up outside of refrigerator, please be conscious of the temperature. In an indoor, air conditioned room at `68 degrees; an IntoxiCake should be able to stay out for up to 4 hours. Please use your best judgment in regards to temperature, direct sunlight and other factors.

DO NOT FREEZE! IntoxiCakes are best served cold.

Serving Size and Cutting Instructions:

A serving of IntoxiCakes is 2 oz. or the standard size of a gelatin shot “cup.” For a 2” tall IntoxiCake, a serving size is ~ 1 ¼ In long x 1 ½ in wide x 2” tall.

Terms & Conditions

1.Order is final upon receipt of payment and is non-refundable.
2. Delivery fee is included within Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard parishes.  Additional delivery options outside of these areas may include incremental charges and should be arranged prior to invoice payment.
3.  As each IntoxiCake is custom created, refunds are not provided.  Issues or concerns must be addressed at time of delivery.  We are not responsible for any damage to the IntoxiCake after delivery is made.
6. IntoxiCakes should be refrigerated upon delivery, and can remain unrefrigerated up to 5 hours without losing shape, in an optimal room temperature of 75 degrees or below.
7. You or your representative assume all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves Lindsay’s IntoxiCakes’ possesson.
8. Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of you or your company to complete the agreement and is subject to labor disputes or strikes, accidents, Acts of God, and other causes beyond our control.